What power supply do I need for my HP Pavilion and Gateway computers?

by on March 6, 2013

Q: I have two computers that recently died. I would like to add the hard drive from my hp Pavillion m7557c to my Gateway 510 and revive them. I know I need a new power supply, as both died. They both run on windows XP. Is there a power supply that will accomodate them both and my floppy drive?The hp has small pin power connector and so does the floppy drive. Are there other problems I am going to find when I power this up?

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    Lincoln – It looks like the both of your computers are the standard size desktop computers. These cases are referred to a standard called “ATX”. Most standard ATX power supply’s will fit in these cases. This power supply from Newegg should work in both cases.


    When you move the hard drive from one system to the other you may need to run a repair on your OS, It would be good to have a backup of your data because if not done correctly you can wipe your drive. The repair of the OS is required because your hard drive sees that there are many hardware changes done to your system (Motherboard, Processor, Memory, etc…). Doing the repair will rebuild the HAL and allow your computer to run.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.