How do I fix a monitor that went black and says out of range?

by on March 7, 2013

Q: My monitor went black this morning. It is displaying ‘out of range’ how do i fix this?

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    Scruggs –
    This happens when the refresh rate of your video card has been set to high. Higher than the monitor can handle.

    You will need to boot your computer into safe mode to fix this. To boot into safe mode perform the following.
    1. Power computer completely off.
    2. Power computer on.
    3. Once you hit the power button begin hitting the F8 key on the top of the keyboard. Press this key once about every second.
    4. You should get a black screen with white text that shows a couple of different boot options. Choose the option to boot into safe mode.
    5. Once into safe mode, go into your display settings and reset the refresh rate to something lower. I’d say 60Hz if that is an available option. From there adjust one increment at a time.