How come I cannot change the properties of my network from my taskbar?

by on March 10, 2013

Q: On my computer taskbar i do not have the icon for the network selections where it looks like 5 bars getting bigger from left to right. Instead i have a monitor pic and a wire next to it. This does not allow me to change the properties of the network and to disconnect from the internet and change the password that is needed to connect to the internet.

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    Howdy – It sounds like you are using a 3rd party application to manage your wireless connections. If you right click on the icon it should give you some options as to what the name of the application is as well as some options to configure your wireless settings.
    You can usually have windows manage your wireless connection if you go to Start > Control Panel > Network settings > Open Wireless network settings > Click on Advanced > And click the checkbox to enable windows to manage your wireless network settings.

    That may not be the exact procedure depending on what version of windows you are running. If you need further instruction let me know where you’re hung up and what kind of computer you are running.



    Hi. I’m using windows 7 32 bit . I cannot see the setting control panel called “Network settings” i only have one called network and sharing center in which there is no choices for wireless network settings.
    PS could this be because im using an ethernet cable to connect and not wireless?