Which Windows 7 install option should I select after putting a new hard drive in my computer?

by on March 10, 2013

Q: I just replaced my hard drive and I want to reinstall windows 7 from the hp recovery discs, I do not plan to restore any files such as photos and ect. I just want a new install of windows. Should I choose system recovery, minimized image recovery, or factory reset?
If I want to not install all the bloatware… with that take away microsoft office that came with it?

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    Hey Beaker – If you DO NOT want to save any data that is on the hard drive you will want to do the Factory Reset option. Again, This will wipe all data from the hard drive and re-install. It should warn you multiple times that it is going to wipe the hard drive as well.

    As I’m not sure which model computer you are re-installing or what version of windows, I’m not sure how much bloatware it is going to install onto your computer. Just about every computer/brand is different when it comes to recovery disks.
    One of the best ways to be sure not to get bloat ware is to install from an actual operating system disk and not a recovery disk but usually the recovery disk is your only option.
    Also, Sometimes you will need to use a driver/application re-install disk, This disk may contain some of the bloatware that you wish to not install on your computer. Be sure you know what you’re installing before you agree to install it. Keep in mind, In most cases, Most of the bloatware can be removed with the Add/Remove programs or Programs and features located within the control panel.