How come my emails in Outlook 2008 get stuck in my outbox?

by on March 12, 2013

Q: I use Outlook Office 2008. I am having trouble with my emails being stack in Outbox..I tried creating a new Data File, etc…The problem is there and preventing me from working…

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    Gabriel – This is a common issue if either the outgoing sending server is not configured properly within the outlook client or if the message that you are trying to send is too large. I would first start off by confirming with your mail host of how to configure your outgoing server in Outlook. If you can tell me your Mail host, I may be able to find you precise instructions for setup of Outlook.


    Hi Fletcha: Thank you for your help. I use Yahoo/ATT for my emails. I tried the suggested configurations from both Yahoo and ATT but the problem is still there: Outgoing emails are stuck in the outbox.

    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
    Incoming server (POP3): 995
    Outgoing server (SMTP): 465
    Type of Encryption: SSL

    Any further assistance is highly appreciated.



    Also, I have moved all Sent Emails folder together with the Inbox emails to the Archive folder. Still not working..


    Gabriel – Under the account properties for your POP account, Under More settings and the “Outgoing Server” tab. Do you have the checkbox checked to use the same logon settings as your incoming server?



    Fletcha: Yes. The “use same settings as my incoming mail server” box is check/selected.