Is there a way to send a truly anonymous email?

by on March 12, 2013

Q: Hi, if I send an anonymous email (fake gmail account) from my IPhone while in airplane mode (phone line off) using a local coffee shop wi-fi, could that email be traced back to my ATT account? Again, this is not using 3G, but the wi-fi of the coffee shop and their ip address. If it can be traced, under what circumstances would ATT release the account holder information?

This is not for illegal activity purposes. Rather reporting someone to its employer for something highly discriminatory posted on his facebook without giving a chance for retaliation.

What would that employer be able to trace when they receive the email assuming again there is nothing illegal in the content of the email? Would that employer be liable to provide my name assuming they can trace it back to me?

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    The only thing they would be able to trace the email to is the originating IP and possibly mac address (that would identify your deive) but that would involve checking every users mac address and is not an easy task.

    The email itself tough would be traced back to what ever account you sent it from. Whether it comes from a gmail, ATT, or other email address. It does not tie it to an account it is not sent from.

    Hopefully that answers your questions.



    I appreciate your kind reply. Just to be clear, if the email account created for the purpose was gmail, Google would have to authorize a search on all ip addresses regularly logging in, correct? In other words, the third party receiving the email would only have direct access to the ip address it came from (the coffee shop), not all the ip addresses that at some point have logged into that account?

    One last thing, in the attachment there is a pdf with screen shots of the incident (the derogatory pictures and jokes), could that be traced back assuming the pdf file properties don’t show an author or signature and the screen shots themselves don’t disclose any clue? Do pdf files have encrypted the information of the user who created them?Thanks again.

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    Jeny, just keep in mind if someone really want to find out who did what on the Internet they can. It isn’t easy so at the end of the day you should never put anything in writing (email, blog, paper, etc) that you don’t want to come back to you.