What extra fees are normally associated with a smart phone like a blackberry or iPhone?

by on March 12, 2013

Q: My Father told me today that someone on the radio was selling a Black Berry, My Father has never had a black berry he only has had the old timely phone, (Flip Phone) I have had a Flip Phone, Black Berry, I Phone and know the Nokia Lumia 900 phone, My Question is from my Dad, Once he gets a black berry, What will he have to pay while using the black berry. Just wondering. any help that i can, will really help me out

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    The costs may vary but usually there is a fee for the data plan and any other messaging bundles or features one might want to add to their plan.

    I have a smartphone and pay for the monthly service, the data plan, and a text messaging plan.


      My father does not text, i do not think that he will ever want to learn. He has thought about going on amazon.com and getting a unlock phone, Is their anything good or bad about the Unlock Phone? I know that it only has WIFi but that is really of all want he will need.


    Will – This is very dependent upon the wireless service provider that you end up choosing for your father (Verizon, ATT, Smart Talk, etc…) There are a bunch of wireless providers popping up as well. I’d say your best bet is to do your homework with these providers. You can always call them up and see what your true costs per month will be.

    I also would not recommend your father to get a blackberry, You will be spending a lot of time supporting him with the device. I say this based upon past experience with blackberry devices. Android enabled phones are usually around the same cost and have a much friendlier user interface. Apple’s iPhone is a little more costly and has a great user interface as well.


    If your Father is not planning on texting a blackberry may not be the phone of choice then. That is the main drive behind a blackberry. Emails and texting.

    An unlocked phone will allow you to use any carrier globally as long as that network is supported. (CDMA vs GSM) This is great for someone who travels a lot.

    If all he needs is WiFi then maybe look into a tablet as well (Kindle fire, iPad, etc) Or does he still need the cellular service as well? As fletcha mentioned check out what each provider offers for plans and features. There are many options and picking what is right comes down to looking at each plan. Some providers force you into options you may not need.


    Will – Check into http://www.republicwireless.com. I do not have any experience with them personally but their pricing and features appear very attractive for a low end wireless communications solution.


      Thanks for the info, I have just check this out and i love it, It cost less then at&t is what i have


    Thank you all so much for all of the help that everyone have giving me. “Ask a Geek” it is a wonderful website and have help me out so much. My Dad will be able to get a new phone in “April” he will be able to get a early Upgrade. we live in a very Rule Area, Witch the only two cell phone Service we have are, Bluegrass Cellular or Cell One that is know AT&T. Of course in our area Blue Grass is better. Me, my mother my Sister, and my Brother in law and my brother in law. and most of my family who lives in bowling green and in Louisville mostly have AT&T, I have another question, if that is alright to ask. what are the benefits of getting a a unlock phone? Bluegrass supports (CDMA) My Brother in law got an unlock phone off of Amazon.com and he just put in his Sim Card in the phone he brought off, The Phone that he got he could only use the phone for WIFI because the phone did not have a Data Plan