What is the best way to get all my digital and physical photos into a single flash drive?

by on March 12, 2013

Q: okay so i have two-three thousand original photo printouts, probably another thousand photos on memory cards and flashdrive, and about five hundred paper printouts of photos. I am looking to put ALL my pictures onto one flashdrive. however i have no idea what i am doing, i dont know what size i need if one brand is better than the other, if a flashdrive is really the best way to do this. I just want something that i can have all pics together in case of a emergency , i can just grab it and not worry.

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    You should get some kind of external HDD to store your photos on with that amount. I might suggest a 1TB or larger drive.

    The problem with scanning them in is you have to scan them 1 by 1 and that can be a grueling task. There is a service called photobin that can scan them all for you. http://www.photobin.com/photo_store/scanning.html
    And they send you back the photos and the disc with the photos.

    Otherwise any local store should carry reasonable photo scanners. They make a flatbed scanner or a multi purpose scanner, printer, fax, copier. Either of these should be acceptable and come with software for scanning.

    If you still have questions please let me know. Thank you.


    Oh ok so a external hard drive is better than a flash drive? What does 1tb mean, im sorry I am not up to date with computer stuff. I am sure it is a grueling task but I would rather do it than send them off to somebody I don’t know, I would probably save a bunch of money that way to. On the external hard drive and even the flash drive is there something I have to do to it to make it so I can access my pictures from different computers? Thank you very much for helping me on this topic.

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    Yes a external HDD is better than a flash drive as it is capable of holding more data and allow your photo library to grow. 1TB stands for 1 terabyte or 1000 gigabytes. Larger size flash drives will get expensive.

    The link to the follow drive is what I personally use at home. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236189
    I store photos, videos, and music to the drive. I can also hook the drive up to any PC to view photos.


    Okay great thank you so much for all of your advice, I will be buying one of those from the link you provided and have my piece of mind that I wanted, thank you again