How do I recover DLL files not in recycle bin?

by on March 18, 2013

Q: How do I recover DLL files not in recycle bin (XP)? I used a find duplicates programme. I thought I had chosen only audio and picture files and allowed it to automatically delete all but one copy of each file.

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    What DLL files are you missing?


    i don’t really know or understand what dll files are. when i tried to run a different clone finder it gave a message.

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    Thanks for the details. I’d suggest against deleting DLL files.

    If you accidentally deleted some, don’t worry about it unless you get an error message from Windows saying in can’t find a specific DLL file.

    If you want to read more about what they are, you can go here:


    thanks everything i need seems to be working. i just wanted to clear up some space. my problem now is deleting the programme corrupted by missing dll. i cant uninstall from control panel or start menu nor even delete the folder from c:program files. nice to have a place to ask thank you. be well all