Is it possible to have pictures in my download folder that are not mine?

by on March 18, 2013

Q: is it possible to have a downloaded jpeg in my pictures and in my downloads that is not mine?

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    Hey Mstorms,
    This is absolutely possible if you allow other people to use your computer and you are not using separate users on your computer. If this is something that you wish to get rid of let me know and I can give you detailed instructions for setting up your computer with separate users so each person has their own profile.



    Thank you, but no!, nobody else uses the computer!. I got curious and checked my husbands bing browser history and all is said was computer and below that was my pictures… when i clicked my pictures there was only one pic …but it said my picture 328. I know very little about computers and didnt even know if that was the right history to check,because i know he uses google chrome, but didnt know how to access the history at the time. i didnt know how to pull down the history until a few days later ,then when i clicked the line logo for chrome and clicked downloads there it was again,and it appeared to be downloaded march 4th at 9am from yahoomail…. he is infatic he did not download it. he said he saw he saw it but then closed it and went on about his business.i know this seems petty, but i cant stop thinking about it and to me it appears that someone emailed him her pic and he downloaded it, or can that automatic default save say off clicking on a spam type email?.,,, also some people i have asked says that has happen to them sometimes too… i just want a logical,truthful answer. i get provocative type emails from woman too ,after posting stuff on craigslist… typically they are in spam, thank you so much


    He says that ppl have told him that others could have “hacked” on his computer,it may be a unsecured wire….he uses the laptop to play alot of music and there is “activity” when he hasnt been on,from torrant… its not a porn type pic, just a cheesy model pic. Am i being crazy?, ppl make it seem like this happen all the time, but my lack of knowledge it seems odd that it would be downloaded off yahoomail without actually trying to , thanks for your time


    It is true that media such as short video clips and pictures can be stored on your computer, These are generally not stored in your downloads folder unless specifically configured within the registry which is an advanced thing to do. Those files are referred to as your temporary internet files and are stored in temp folders within your profile or in the system files depending on which version of windows you are running.

    If you think that you may have been hacked you should have a professional run some scans on your computer right away to verify this as you don’t want to be doing important financial work on your computer and have the possibility of someone be able to view your information.

    Pictures can be very easy to save and could possibly be saved by accident, Depending on your browser just a right click on the photo and “Save image” can save it to your downloads folder.

    As to where the photo came from, If it is showing that it was downloaded from Chrome and yahoo mail then most likely that is where it originated from.