How do I copy contact information to a new contact?

by on March 20, 2013

Q: in android, how do i copy contact details to a new entry. example more than one doctor at same address and phone number, i want to add the new without keying in all the details again. in my old “stupidphone” i could copy contact and then edit the duplicate. thanks

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    Hi idror,
    If you go to the details of the current contact and highlight the text that you want to copy (press and hold on the text, a dialog box should pop up with a few options or it should show you a slider to highlight text).

    Once your text is highlighted, Press and hold on the highlighted text one more time and a box should pop up again, This time giving you the “Copy”option. Once Copied create your new appointment.

    When you have gotten to the field that you want to enter your text into, Press and hold and a box should pop up giving you the “Paste” option :).