How do I make sure I got all viruses off of my computer?

by on March 21, 2013

Q: Hey guys,

I have recently downloaded a program that has clearly had malware attached. At first it appeared to be adware as it would hijack whichever browser I was using and force it to Mixi DJ. I managed to clear this up with antivirus programs.
However it seems that I’ve got something going on almost consistently in the background. I’ve checked the task manager and nothing seems to stick out as odd. It’s really annoying in that if I try to type something (for exacple example a URL or into the start bar) after a few seconds I get bumped out of the window, like I’d clicked outside, thus interrupting my typing.
The antivirus’ I’ve used are Trend Titanium (which I had previously bought), Malwarebytes, Spy Hunter 4 and SuperAntiSpy. Trend and malwarebytes didn’t find any, and I know how these other less legitimate antiviruses tend to tell you they find more than they do to make you buy the upgraded version. I’m really worried because I don’t know what the virus is, but I assume its phishing so I won’t type any passwords. I’m sending this off my laptop.

Please help, I’m minutes away from just wiping all my drives and starting again

One Response to “How do I make sure I got all viruses off of my computer?”

    Hi Spoogit,
    Honestly the best and only way to make sure that all viruses are cleaned from your computer is to backup your sensitive data and do a full Wipe of your partitions and re-load your operating system. Sometimes even though your machine appears to be cleaned some important system files can become corrupt during the cleaning process and force your computer to act in a lot of ways that it should not.

    If you would like there is one other AV/Antispyware application that I would recommend. “Microsoft Security Essentials” You can find more information on it here.

    If you need further assistance with reloading your computer check out some past posts or create a new question.
    Good Luck!