Is it okay for a student to use a Chromebook over a Windows laptop?

by on March 21, 2013

Q: I need a laptop for college note taking in class. I have pondered a Samsung Chromebook because I use Google Drive instead of Microsoft products and I am ok with the cloud. Should I stay PC? Is there a laptop that is around the $350-400 price range that is quality and will not fall apart or crash because of the cheap price? Any advice is good advice.

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    Depending on what you’re primary area of study is, i would recommend trying to stay with a PC if possible. From what I’ve seen and my experiences a lot of assignments may require you to advanced things within Microsoft Word or Excel which are not generally available in Google Drive. I do see a lot of students typically will use Mac as well with Microsoft Office (Mac Version) installed.

    Apple’s Macbook tends to be more expensive than a regular PC. Look around on the internet for deals on PC’s. Sites such as , or will sometimes have good deals on laptops and electronics.