Can I connect a wireless router to my ethernet port at school to get wireless Internet?

by on March 25, 2013

Q: The apartment I’ll be staying at for college does not provide wireless internet. They provide it through an ethernet port in the wall. I perfer wireless over the ethernet cable. My question is this: would it be possible to purchase a wireless router and then connect it by an ethernet to the port in the apartments wall to create a wireless internet zone in my apartment?

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    It is possible to hook a wireless router up to the wall to provide internet access for yourself. A few things to keep in mind though is you may need settings from someone controlling the internet access at your school and you may also need permission.

    But yes hooking a Wireless access point should provide wireless access to you.

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    At minimum you’ll need to configure the router correctly as to not interfere with the the rest of the campus network. You’ll need to set it up as a “Wireless Access Point” and not a normal router. Otherwise you’ll actually screw up other people’s internet connections in your building. Because of this, this type of hardware is frequently banned.

    Before you buy anything you should check with your College’s IT department to see what, if any, hardware for wireless access is approved.

    Assuming they’re properly equipped (and they usually are) your college’s IT department will be fully capable of detecting and shutting down any wireless equipment that they’ve banned on their network.