How come it takes my computer a long time to boot after installing tune-up utilities with a hack?

by on March 25, 2013

Q: Here’s the deal. I downloaded tune-up utilities with hack (yeah I know) and opened a game. I’ve been playing for an hour or two, than my comp freezed and couldn’t do anything but to force shut it down. Now, everytime i reboot computer it takes up to 7 minutes to enter windows. this is the second time it is happening and now i know for a fact it’s tuneup utilities that is causing this problem.

I couldn’t delete the program manually, so I went to safe mode and used system restore, and deleted program remains from program files, but still boot takes too long.

First time when it happened, it sort of fixed itself, but had to format discs and instal new windows 8-9 times.

Also, red ligth’s been on my comp as an indicator that procesor is working all the time (normally it blinks sometimes)
what can I do to fix it? I’m using windows7 64-bit ultimate