Should I go with the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 4?

by on March 27, 2013

Q: Want to buy a great smartphone (Without contract) for a good price (don’t we all?).
Always the newest ones are overpriced.
Want one that is not going to be obsolete in a couple of months.

I’m in between the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4.
S3 camera-mermory-interfase extras- faster download*
N4 ppi-2G Ram

Personally I find the S3 better but I don’t know if the lower Ram will represent an issue to support new features and updates and will feel like I am carrying a rock in a couple of months (I like to exaggerate).

I will thankfully take your advice 🙂

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    Where are you located? In the US the Galaxy S II has 2 GB of ram. The biggest difference is the display and PPI. The S III also has expandable memory as well as the on board memory.

    I personally have the Galaxy S II and love it. I would go to a store that offers both phones and play with them. The Nexus is going to be a pure android experience where as the Galaxy S will be a touch Wiz interface.

    Personally I love the S II and would suggest it to anyone. I would recommend it to anyone, but everyone’s opinion is different.