Can I swap in an Intel Core i53570 I5-3570 processor for an AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor?

by on April 9, 2013

Q: I currently have a Compaq CQ5210F, and it just isnt cutting it for my needs. In other words, I need a new processor. I currently have an AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor, and i want to swap it out for an Intel Core i53570 I5-3570 processor. But i cant find the sizes anywhere, and i dont know if the new Intel processor will fit in mt pc. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

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    Seth – Unfortunately no, this will not work. You will need to purchase a new Motherboard for this to work. If you do purchase a new motherboard first make sure that all of your other hardware is compatible with the new motherboard such as Memory and the amount of PCI/USB/SATA ports on the computer.

    This does not work due to the different socket types. I’ve provided links below for you. Look under Socket Type/socket supported sections.

    AMD –

    Intel –



    Seth, it looks like the fastest CPU you could add to your existing motherboard is an Athlon 64 X2 5600+

    Unfortunately that isn’t much of an upgrade at all from your current processor.

    Like fletcha said, you’ll need a new motherboard to support a I5-3570. You also might need a new computer chassis (since you’re current case probably only supports microATX size motherboards).

    You can also expect to buy new RAM, and possibly a new PSU.

    So you’re basically looking at the need for a whole new PC!