Why does my monitor go into sleep mode on boot?

by on April 10, 2013

Q: When I turn on my computer, it will boot up and then the monitor will go into sleep mode. what is causing this?

One Response to “Why does my monitor go into sleep mode on boot?”

    Connie – Welcome to AskAGeek! Sorry so long to respond to your question it some how slipped through the cracks.

    It seems like your issue has to do with either a driver incompatibility or your graphics card is running in a mode that the monitor cannot handle.

    To try to troubleshoot this can you try to boot the computer up in safe mode? To enter safe mode you can power your computer on and hit the F8 key on the top of the keyboard about once every second until it comes to a windows boot options menu. Please use the up and down keys to select “Safe Mode with networking” and press enter.

    Once you are booted to safe mode right click on the desktop and go to properties – Select the Settings tab and change the screen resolution to 800×600.
    Then Select the “Advanced” button and in that window select the “Monitor” tab. Change the refresh rate to 60hz. Now select Ok, Ok and reboot your computer.

    Let me know if this resolves your issue.