Can I upgrade the CPU in my Dell Inspiron 530?

by on April 21, 2013

Q: I want to upgrade my dell inspiron 530. I was wondering if I can upgrade the CPU from intel pentium to dual core or something. The RAM is fairly limited at around 1.8ghz and I want at least 2.66 or higher if possible. Also any other kinds of upgrades would be helpful i.e. what kind RAM is compatible.

One Response to “Can I upgrade the CPU in my Dell Inspiron 530?”

    Given the age of the computer, you’ll get a LOT more bang for your buck by replacing the system with a new computer.

    If that totally isn’t an option for you right now, the best I can suggest for a “quick fix” would be upgrading from 2GB of RAM to 4GB of RAM (assuming that hasn’t already been done to this computer).

    Here is a link to a possible kit option that Crucial says will work with an Inspiron 530: