Can I run Arma II and Far Cry 3 on a new Gateway laptop with 4GB of RAM?

by on April 23, 2013

Q: I have a horrible computer and im finnaly making an upgrade. I dont have alot of cash to work with, so i am upgrading to a Gateway – 15.6″ Laptop – 4GB Memory – 320GB Hard Drive computer from bestbuy. I want to know if this will be able to run high power steam/uplay games like arma ll, far cry 3, deadrising 2, ect. (even on lowest settings for the games). i dont care as long as they dont lag.

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    Hey Seth – Welcome back to AskAGeek.Com!

    Do you have the model number of the gateway laptop? The processor speed will play a huge role in determining whether these games can play on this system or not.



    Video card is going to be very important as well. A lot of laptops cut costs by not including a gaming grade video card. Generally, unless a laptop is specifically marketed as a “gaming laptop” it probably won’t be able to handle the latest 3d games.


    Fletcha, I dont have the model number, but it has a IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® processor B960 and its 2.2 GHz. Mark, the computer has intel HD graphics, which ive heard is bad. So would i have to upgrade it or something, even if all my shader and model details are all the way down and stuff, because i dont care about the graphics, i just wanna play smoothly.


    and no its not labled as gaming laptop


    You can’t upgrade the video card in a laptop. If you care about gaming at all I suggest going with something different.

    What’s your budget?


    Also, is it absolutely critical that this be a laptop? You’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck if you go with a desktop setup.