Does the page source code on Facebook tell you who is stalking you?

by on April 23, 2013

Q: Hey, I heard about this thing on the web. Apparently it actually does show you who actually stalks you on facebook. You start by going to anyones profile
right clicking
selecting ‘view source’
doing ‘ctrl’ + ‘F’
typing ‘friends list’ and copying the first set of numbers on the first set of brackets and pasting it after
I have tried this and my best friend who I don’t really talk to on facebook comes up. It cant be based on interaction so could someone please try it and let me know what it shows/does? does it actually show who stalks you? thanks 🙂

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    I think what you are finding is actually your friends chat list. When you login to facebook you see the option to chat with your friends on the right hand side and I believe the list you are finding is that list.

    I know there used to be a feature that used to tell you who viewed your page the most but I don’t think it was accurate because a friend of mine told me I was viewing their page all the time and I wasn’t. What was happening is they post more than anyone else and their posts were pretty much the only thing showing up on my news feed so I think those views were counting.

    I don’t think there is currently anything that will let you know who/how many times a single person views your information. With that said it is facebook so if you don’t want people to know about what is going on in your life then just don’t post it 🙂


    I had a look and my friends are not in the same order as those I found using the source code.


      The order is most likely irrelevant as it should just be a list of all your friends and then the chat javascript will figure out who is online and do the ordering in the chat window separate from the raw data that is your friends.


    so is it just a coincidence that my crush and best friends are on there? xD


      Well it isn’t a coincidence because it is your actual friends list 🙂


    I mean the order that they are shown in on the source code page? Are they just in a random order?


      Correct the order isn’t meant to imply anything.


    Oh that’s disappointing lol, thanks though! 😀