Should I upgrade from the Radeon HD 6850 GPU to the Geforce GTX 670 or Geforce GTX 680?

by on April 25, 2013

Q: I currently have a Radeon HD 6850 GPU and want to upgrade. What is better and more worth the money, Geforce GTX 670 or Geforce GTX 680?

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    It’ll depend on the applications you want to run. Will it be used for gaming?


      Yes, it will be for gaming. Battlefield 4 is going to be coming out later in this year and. I currently struggle with bf3 and ps2 I need something that can handle fps intensive games, I know both there cards are better than the one I own currently but I want to know which one is better, 670 for the price or 680.


    You can judge the specs for yourself here

    Personally i prefer AMD cards, they just seem more capable and depreciate less, i’m no expert but thats how i feel.
    But anyway, when you’re looking at these high end cards the performance increase for the higher retail price you pay is never really worth it. If you shop around though you may find a cheaper 680 than you’d expect.

    Pound for pound the 680 seems to be the stronger card but £ for £ i’d go for a 670, it depends on how much you get the card for really


      Thank you for the help. I have a lot of trouble deciding things so your input is appreciated.


    For any other answers or if it makes any difference, I will be over locking the card as well.


    AMD cards are better for overclocking as most of the cards are now built for it.
    I would take a look on ebay for all the latest cards. It’s quite easy to just search GDDR5 and all the latest GPU’s will be shown, then narrow down the search to AMD or GeForce. It might also be better to get two cheaper cards and crossfire/sli those mother fuc*ers! 😉