Could a laptop get damaged if it was in a bag that fell?

by on May 1, 2013

Q: Okay so this kid had a laptop in the bottom of his bookbag and I accidentally knocked it off his desk. They are about 30 inches high so they are less than 3ft. It was off inside the bookbag and the bookbag fell off and landed on its side and went face down. Like the side that touches your back went face down. Anyways it’s a Toshiba, it looked pretty durable and we took it out and there weren’t any exterior damages that we could see. It looked normal. I was wondering if there could be any damage like the screen or some interior damage? P.s. when the bookbag felI I’m pretty sure I only heard bookbag. Also the bookbag didnt seem to hit hard. Please help! I’m really worried! :'(

One Response to “Could a laptop get damaged if it was in a bag that fell?”

    Is it at all possible? Of course it’s possible. Only way to find out is actually turn it on and use it.