What are the different hard drives that you can get in a laptop?

by on May 2, 2013

Q: I’m going to buy a custom laptop, but I need to know what kind of hard drive to get. The three kinds of hard drives are what I’m confused about. There are SSDs, RAID, and regular metal disks. Would I be right in saying that SSDs are essentially giant flash drives? The point of buying a RAID would be for backup, but couldn’t I buy an external hard drive and just back things up? I’ve read that regular disk slow down over long periods of time because the data is spread out over the disk. Wouldn’t defragmenting solve that? Really my question is whether to buy an SSD, or just a regular hard drive (I really have no need for a RAID). Thanks.

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    The SSD is totally worth it. You’re right in that it’s basically a giant flash drive. They’re very very fast, your programs and OS will load much quicker than with a mechanical drive and since they’re not mechanical they tend to hold up a little better to getting jostled around like laptops often are.