How come my HP Pavilion shuts off after a while after upgrading from an Intel 5500 to a 9300?

by on May 4, 2013

Q: hi i have a HP Pavilion Dv2500 i want to upgrade to intel 9300 processor from an intel 5500 but when i put the processor the computer turns on but stays on for a while but turn off with the 5500 dont have this problem what i should do!

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    Your CPU might be overheating. Make sure the CPU fan is operating properly.

    To check the temperature of your CPU, try using


    From my initial research I am finding that the intel 9300 is a quad core processor with the LGA 775 chipset and the Intel 5500 is a xeon processor. If you are trying to use that processor in your system it may not be compatible.

    If I am finding the wrong information let me know the exact specs of what you are trying to install in your computer and I can see if i can help further.



      ok.. thanks!.. i have a laptop computer a HP DV2000 is a m478 socket… the computer comes with a intel core 2 duo T5500 @ 1.83 Ghz…. a friend of mine give me a intel core 2 duo T9300 @ 2.4 Ghz …….after all of that i have another motherboard with the processor (intel core 2 duo T9300 ) worked fine when i changed my motherboard i put the processor with thermal paste everything the computer turn on smoothly but when .. the computer is loading windows 7 or 8 .. turn off the system even start sometimes… any solution ideas! thanks


    Given this is a laptop, there is a good possibility that the CPU is overheating.

    If you can’t even get into Windows, go into the BIOS at launch and you should be able to see temps there.


      ok…. but when i put the original processor works fine and is not overheating.. and never shut off…???? the computer is working really fine right now but i try to replace and… pummm happen again… i want this processor what else i can do!


    First you need to actually check and see if it’s the temps that are the problem, there is also a chance that the CPU is bad or some other compatibility issue between the laptop and this CPU.

    This whole process is a LOT of trial and error when you’re dealing with laptops.

    What is the exact model number for your DV2000 series laptop?


    hi.. is a HP DV2500 in the HP page i download a document… for the doubt in the document says this motherboard support the processor!…. but…. in this new motherboard doesn’t work properly maybe is damage.. i try to get another and i leave here my results any suggestions!??


    The specifications page for the core 2 duo T9300 shows that it fits a socket P and the core 2 duo T5500 shows it fits a socket M (m478)

    Going by just these specs alone it would show that the socket is incompatible with each other. Further research also shows me again that they are different socket types and will not work together.

    Here is a list of all Core 2 Duo’s and the socket types.

    One last check if you are still in double would be to boot the PC and go into the BIOS. While in the BIOS see if the new processor is listed or if you get any kind of errors under the processor type.


      hi i don’t know…. but it fits cause i have worked with the processor in the same machine look in the intel page the specs…… and i have a doc from HP i can send u .. for u research… and u can get ur conclusions!!! thanks


    there is the oficial.. of intel wikipedia has an error.. look the specs from intel



    Thanks for finding the actual page of the processor. It says right on that page that the supported chipset is PGA478. Which is different from your motherboard which supports Chipset M478.

    Even if the processor fits it is not a compatible processor for the motherboard you are using and you will continue to have problems.


    i have and another HP same model working with that processor….. just why not work now!