What should I do when my wpwin13.exe process crashes?

by on May 14, 2013

Q: I have a big problem with my PC, wpwin13.exe process Id 6048 crashed what do I do, when it comes to computers I am smart like truck.

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    wpwin13.exe is WordPerfect.

    Did you just get this error one time or many times?
    When do you receive the error?
    What version of Windows are you running?
    When is the last time Word Perfect worked for you?


    What should I do when my wpwin13.exe process crashes?” I received this error many many times and that’s when my adobe flash player stopped working then word perfect stopped, I am not sure if both stopped at the same time or one before the other, I am running windows 7 professional, word perfect it has been a couple of weeks has not been working I believe, I am really not sure, I was having a lot of small problems with it putting the disk back in and fixing problems then one day it was not working so I removed it completely from the computer and re installed it, and has not worked since, I also received a note or a box popped up saying one more program crashed but I cannot find where I wrote it down, sorry I am still looking for this paper, I now have a note pad beside the computer.


      I’m running WP 10 this is old??


        If you’re running WordPerfect version 10, it came out 2001.

        If you’re in need of word processing software and don’t want to pay for Microsoft Word, I suggest trying Google Docs or OpenOffice.



    When I did my anti virus scan this just came up
    C\users\Don\App. Data\Local Low\PC Help Soft\plugins\{5E…corrupted executable File

    Hope this helps


    Might want to try patching Word Perfect as a start, you’re running a pretty old version of the Word Perfect software.