Why does IE8 keep crashing when I go from one website to another?

by on May 15, 2013

Q: OK i am not a pro Geek but I know my way around this stuff somewhat.what would make I.E.8 keep shutting down ever since I loaded it when i go from one webpage to another it will just crash.And how does someone running XP make the switch to the new windows 7 on a 2004 dell dim.2400????

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    To go from Windows XP to Win 7 you would have to perform a clean install. There is unfortunately no direct upgrade. You would want to back up all your files and folders on your current PC and then load the new OS and then restore your files and reinstall any programs.

    As for IE8 crashing I might suggest going into control panel and opening internet options. Go all the way to the right tab that says Advanced. Then hit the button that restores it to default settings. When prompted you can keep your current config. See if that resolved the IE8 crashing. If not you may need to uninstall IE8 and then upgrade back to IE8 again.

    Let me know if any of these suggestions help you out.


    Additionally, consider upgrading to a newer version IE, or giving Google Chrome a try.


    J,Did what you suggested and then facebook would not open and other issues popped up.So I have decided too give Firefox another go since Google chrome had way too many Aw snap’s and unresponsive pages.Maybe this 04 Dell isn’t really up to speed for all the new stuff,Just a thought.I ran CHKDSK and it said the Volume is clear.As for as clean install for windows 7 your meaning delete XP correct.?


      Yes, your 9 year old Dell computer, especially if you haven’t done any upgrades with it, is probably going to have a very very hard time running Windows 7 and a modern web browser.


        Mark, You are talking upgrades as software or hardware.
        Is adding more RAM a software or hardware thing?,this is the stuff that I don’t know about .All my other updates are always done from Microsoft.,


          What Mark is talking about is hardware as in upgrading memory, video card, power supply. These will help prolong the life of your PC making it more compatible with newer software. However being 9 years old it may not be enough. With that said a PC that old has certainly lived a reasonable life. The best solution may be to start looking I to a new PC. But if you cannot make that an option reinstalling the OS and upgrading memory and adding a video card as well may help you out in the short term of things.