Would you recommend going with the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S4?

by on May 15, 2013

Q: had a family member to text me last night wondering of what phone he should get,

1. iPhone
2. Samsung Galaxy S4

and was wondering if anyone could tell me on what to tell him.


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    It depends on why they prefer. Tell them go to to a store and play with both and see which one they like better.

    The iphone is a 4″ screeen and the Galaxy S4 is a 5″ screen. Size is a big factor.

    iPhone runs all its applications easily, it can sync with itunes. Has facetime for video chat support.

    Galaxy S4 has Android and is highly customizable. it has various ways to download music to the phone and stream music.

    Both have front and rear cameras. Both have great batteries.

    Again go to a store and try them out and see which they like better.


      I have been meaning to replay back to this replay but i kind of forgot to. as always thanks so much for the replay back to my comment.


    Seeing as I have both in my household I can say they both are brilliant phones. Each has its advantages.
    In my opinion if you have access the internet and have your own PC and the time & patience Apple is a great option. Remember that you have to set it up via iTunes which also means installing this software onto a PC if you haven’t already got it. Build quality is great and in my opinion the overall quality is superior. The camera is good but not as good as the Samsung.

    The Samsung requires far less setup time, and music, files photos etc can be shared among friends or other devises slightly easier. The camera is by far way superior than the Apple so if a camera is a big deal then the Samsung is the choice for you.

    Overall there is not to much separating them as far s features go, in my experience it normally comes down to:
    How much you willing to spend,
    If you need a great camera over a good camera
    Screen size-Samsung has a bigger screen
    Phone size-Iphone fits in the hand more comfortably
    Whether you are partial to one manufacturer or the other.

    One last thing take into consideration any other tech you may want to use with your device, if you have a house full of Samsung products which you plan on having interact with your phone go with the Samsung or like wise if you have apple computers, ipads etc go with the iphone. You will be happy with ether one.