How come my computer crashes when I play second life?

by on May 16, 2013

Q: my computer crashes often running second life other people can log onto secondlife using my computer but a different account and they wont crash any advice ?

One Response to “How come my computer crashes when I play second life?”

    It’s possible that you have too much stuff starting up under your profile. I would try to remove items from your startmenu. How old is your computer and how much Memory is installed into the computer?

    Viewing the event logs for System should be able to tell you more. Next time this happens perform the following…

    Go to Control Panel > Event Viewer > System
    In there you will see a bunch of entries, Look around the time that the computer crashed. There should be entries that pertain to why your computer crashed.
    If you find these you can post them here and we can further assist you.