What can I do to get the fan on my Dell Dimension to be quieter?

by on May 16, 2013

Q: Problem: Fan is TOO LOUD! Dell Dimension 3000. Fan is not attached to heatsink. Heatsink is clean, so is fan. I removed green cover but that didn’t help. I put my hand over the back of the fan thinking the fan would just run faster. Nope. It quieted down immediately. Removed my hand and the fan sounded like an airplane prop! So now I have it covered in the front to block airflow and it’s quiet as can be. Heatsink feels to be normal temp. Any problem operating this way and what could be the cause? I had this problem before and it went away by itself. Can’t figure this one out.

One Response to “What can I do to get the fan on my Dell Dimension to be quieter?”

    Covering the vents and blocking airflow is not the best idea. There is no where for the heat to escape to.

    If you stop the fan that is making the noise I am assuming it is quiet then. I would pull the fan form the PC, go to your local electronics store and find a fan that matches the same size and put the new one back in. It sounds like a bearing may be bad inside the fan.

    If you need further help please let me know.