How can I connect my TV and computer to a single ethernet port?

by on May 20, 2013

Q: I have one Ethernet port in my room which is directly connected to a modem (about 50m away, so no access to WiFi) which I plug in my PC via its Ethernet port to get internet access. I want to connect my TV (Its an LG 47′ LM6200 3D TV) to my computer now so that I can have access to my PLEX Media server on the TV. I have a USB to Ethernet bridge which I want to configure to relay the network from my PC to the TV. How do I set this up so that the PC will send out a network over the converter? I know the converter works as an ethernet port for the computer, as I can connect over it to the internet (i.e. it can receive signals) but how to I get it to send signals out (i.e create a network for the TV to recognize)? Can it be done?