How come my desktop gives me a blank screen when I boot?

by on May 22, 2013

Q: I have a dell monitor that works when i plug it in to my HP laptop. However i also have a gigabyte custom desktop pc with a asus 9800 gt video card, when i start the desktop up i get a blank screen . I know the monitor works cause i can transfer the image from my laptop to the monitor. Any help would be helpful.

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    Do other monitors work with your custom desktop?


    My first guess would be that the graphics card has failed. If you have on board graphics in your PC (VGA connected directly to your motherboard) you should have a VGA slot available to you. Remove the graphics card and use a VGA cable to your monitor (Remember to turn off your PC and remove power when you do this), if you still get a blank screen there are bigger issues, if you get picture back then its confirmation that your graphics needs replacing.