How come the motherboard on my computers keep getting fired?

by on May 22, 2013

Q: 4th laptop in ONE YEAR. 2 Macbook airs logic boards fried, same w/ Asus Q200E. 2nd Asus Q200E is periodically shocking me. I hired 2 electricians, they say den power is okay, I replaced surge protector (even tho they said ok). Nephews come, use same outlet for their laptops. I don’t use laptop plugged in all the time. I’m semi-ignorant (MSNTV before this because disabled, need laptop so I can recline), but sooo careful. No watch, rings, no food, no liquids. What in the world is going on? Called BB Geek SQ, no clue. NEED laptop, on disability, no smart phone. BB in past has had laptop for almost wk to repair. HELP!