What is a good laptop for watching movies, online shows, and photo editing?

by on May 23, 2013

Q: I want to buy a new laptop.
I watch a lot lot lot lot of movies and tv shows online (streaming) and i use microsoft powerpoint and word quite often, i also like photo editing and listen to a lot of music on my laptop daily.
so which kind of laptop do you recommand for me ?
i don’t care if it’s a pc or mac

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    If it’s in your budget, I’d strongly suggest a Macbook Air. Great battery life, fast and lightweight.

    Note that Apple is expected to announce new versions of all their Macbooks next month at their WWDC conference. So I strongly suggest you wait until after that so you can pick up the latest model.


    I have a good budget that allows me to get a macbook air but I don’t want it because i just need a laptop for home usage, plus it’s so thin and doesn’t have a DVD burner.
    Is the macbookl prop good for me ? I heard it has a lousy battery life
    are there any good dell laptops ?!


    If a DVD burner is more important you might be happier with the macbook pro models.

    My best suggestion for you is to read reviews on-line to see what people’s experiences have been with various models that fit your price range.