What are the better phones on AT&T wireless right now?

by on May 27, 2013

Q: I have a Windows phone but will be up for a upgrade soon. What will be a better phone to switch too. My Carrier is AT&T.

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    There are many new phones to choose from at ATT right now which include iPhone, Galaxy S 4, HTC One, or a Nokia Windows phone 8 and more. My suggestion to you would be to go down to your local ATT store and play with the devices. See what phone is most comfortable to you from size to the Operating System. Each one is different in many ways. If you decide on a phone and then decide it is not for you return it in 30 days and swap it out.

    Personally I prefer android for its customability. Many users have iPhones for its ease of use and unfortunately I have not had any experience with the new windows phones.

    If you have any questions on a particular phone let me know and I can see how I can help.



    Thanks so much for your help! You have really helped me out a lot. I have the Windows Phone and i love it but my mother will be up for a upgrade in July and i might be taking her upgrade since in July it will be my birthday. so i am wanting something different. I like the I phone because i had one before. and i like them but my brother in law has a Android phone the Samsung galaxy skyrocket and he likes. it so much. the most important thing to me in a phone is Battery. I use my phone a lot and the other thing that is most important to me is apps. the windows phone is kind of still knew and don’t have a lot of apps like the I phone or the android. So what do you think? again thanks so much for your respond!!!


    Will, in the end phone selection is a very personal thing, like jselden said, you should really check out the options at the AT&T store to see what appeals the best to you and meets your needs.

    Also note that Apple is expected to announce the next version of their iOS operating system and probably a new version of their iPhone June 10th at their annual Developer Conference. If you’re at all interested in going with Apple, you might want to see what they’ll be offering.