How can I stream media to my Insignia TV?

by on May 29, 2013

Q: My sound doesn’t work on my pc. How can I stream media to my Insignia tv. I have a sony blue ray player, a pc, and a tablet

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    Nancy – You have a few options here. Depending upon the model of your television and if it is a “Smart TV” it may have an application on it for Netflix/Amazon/Pandora/etc… which would allow you to stream music/video to it. Some TV’s depending upon the model can connect to the internet wirelessly or over Ethernet/Cat5.

    If you have a Blu Ray player that is also another option. A lot of blu-ray players now a days are coming with Applications that allow you to do the same.

    Your computer is also another option but you would want to make sure that your computer has HDMI out so that you do not lose the quality over VGA. It also may be a little more difficult to get the sound quality out of your computer as this could depend upon the installed sound card in your computer.

    Hope this helps