Is there a way to make an image stay on the kindle screen when it shuts off?

by on May 30, 2013

Q: Looking for a way to deliberately freeze a kindle screen permanently. Is it possible?

The image would need to remain after the power supply is disconnected and hopefully even if the screen is disconnected. I’ve heard that e-ink doesn’t need a power signal to hold an image, basically i want to make a permanent e-ink image.

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    Assuming you are speaking about the Kindle Fire. The screen on the Kindle fire is an LCD screen which is different technology than the e-ink screens. There for you will not be able to retain an image on the screen even after it is shut off. If you are speaking about a different version of the kindle please let me know.


    I am not talking about the kindle fire. I am specifically interested in e-ink.I want to permanently freeze an e-ink image on a kindle screen. like fixing a photograph. I know it sounds strange but this is why I’m asking on ask a geek.


    You’re stepping into uncharted territory, so you’d really need to just experiment and see what happens.

    If the image being truly permanent is critical, I’d strongly suggest that you instead go with an a professional print service and use real ink, and high quality archival paper. It will stand a much better chance of lasting a long long time.