Fortnite: Final Fight LTM Location of Last Circle

by on June 24, 2018

Q: How do I determine where the final circle for Fortnite’s Final Fight LTM Mode Will Be?

A: Most complains about the current limited time mode in Fortnite called Final Fight is that “the run to the last circle is insane”. Imagine if you knew where the last circle was from the start. You’d be able to spend your time heading to the final circle as you loot instead of aimlessly wondering until the last circle was announced. Imagine no more final dash to the last circle where you get in a fight only to die in the storm. The game mode would actually be fun!

Can you determine where the final circle will be based on the first circle in the Final Fight LTM mode though? The answer is yes and I’m here to show you how to do it. There are also a few other strategies you might need to know as well so I’m going to walk you though the 5 L’s of Fornite’s Final Flight LTM that will help you not only win more Final Fight games but also make the game mode enjoyable.

The 5 L’s are Land, Listen, Loot, Look, and Leave. You have 1 minute to do all of this because once the first circle is announced we will know where the final circle will be so we are going to have to get a move on now! Our best case scenario will result in a 3 minute run to the final circle where our worse case scenario will result in an 8 minute run.


Every game of Fortnite requires you land on a gun so you’re ready to fight and this mode is no different. Don’t let the fact that there are 5 buses that seem to only slightly overlap fool you. You’re going to run into at least one random enemy in your area for some reason. I’m not sure exactly why but 80% of my games have enemies in spots that just don’t make sense to me. So land on a gun and be ready to fight right away.

The other part of landing that you should take into account is the distance you will be from the final circle. The final circle is always on the edge of the map. If you land in the center of the map in a spot like Tilted, Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, or Salty you will notice you have to run about 5 blocks to the final circle. Each block takes about 45 seconds if you run straight through the box or about 60 seconds if you run diagonal. We will discuss this more in the Leave section though.

You will also want to try to stay some what close to your teammates as it doesn’t matter how good you are. When you run into a group of 12 people you aren’t going to be able to kill them all yourself. You also want to stay close to them because you want to try to influence them to follow you now that you know where the final circle is.


You need to listen the whole game for those extra loud footsteps because there is always going to be an enemy running the same way you are. It is super important to listen right when you land though because some silly enemy is going to land right on top of you even though it makes no sense for them to. They probably do it because they want to get their 1 kill of the game and feel like a hero. They will never win the game but hey they got a kill and that makes them happy so you need to be prepared for them.

Later on in the game listening is important because you want to make sure you hear the enemy before they hear you allowing you to get in a good position to finish them off quickly. The worse thing you can do in this game mode is get in a long gun battle if you aren’t in the final circle. Long gun battles result in another team or two coming up behind you and everyone dying in the storm. Your objective is to get to the final circle and only killing people who stop you. If you can avoid a fight then I suggest avoiding it. If you cannot avoid the fight and it isn’t over in 20 seconds I suggest find a way to dip out of there and head on. Another team will probably already be involved and if you do it right you can get out unscathed to get to the final circle with some of your teammates.


It takes exactly 1 minute from when the bus drops stop for the first circle to be announced. This leaves you exactly 1 minute until you find out where the final circle is. Loot as efficiently as you possibly during this time so that you have a good kit ready to go. Only 1 team is going to be close to the final circle and since there are 5 teams there is a much better chance (80%) that you aren’t going to be even close. For those 80% of people who aren’t even close you have at least a 4 minute run but your run could be 8 minutes or more if you’re not lucky. That’s just running time. That does not include any looting time or fighting time.


You just accomplished a lot in 60 seconds and you hear that wonderful noise that the first circle has been announced. You look at your mini map and you cross your fingers you don’t see a line. If you don’t see a line it means you’re in the first circle which is going to save you a lot of time. If you happen to see a line then you aren’t in the first circle and you’ve gun a long run ahead of you. Get your bags packed because it’s go time!

We open up the big map and we finally see the first circle.

Fortnite Final light First Circle Announced

Fortnite Final light First Circle Announced

You will see that the circle above covers the left and top of the map. I will tell you why this is important in a minute. First I want to make sure we are clear about the goal. The goal is to figure out where we are heading and how long it will take us to get there so we get there before the storm does. We will also want to use the information to determine a path as we might be in a spot where coming in from the top or bottom is an option that allows us to come in behind anyone that is already in the storm.

The goal is not to determine the exact center of the 3rd circle, although I can promise you it is rewarding when you do it. The reality is there is only a 20% chance you will be in a position to be in the storm area before it is announced anyway so lets not spend more time than we have to figuring out where the storm is. Lets keep looting and get ready for the Final Fight!

The first thing we notice when we look at the first circle is that the first circle is off the left side of the grid (off the map). This tells us that the final circle will be in columns A or B. If it were off on the right side then it would be in columns I or J. If it were not off on the left or right side then it would be in columns C or D for the left or G or H for the right.

Keep in mind that at least one side is always going to be off the gride because the final storm is always on the edge of the map itself.

The same goes for the top and bottom. If the first storm is off the grid on the top then we are in rows 1 or 2 and if it is off on the bottom then we are in rows 9 or 10. If it is just touching the map on the top then we would be in rows 3 or 4 or if we were just touching the bottom we would be on rows 7 and 8. Likewise if we were in the middle then of course we would be in the middle of the map at 5 and 6.

So in short the first storms center of the circle tells us where the 3rd storm will be because it’s relationship is going to be. So if the first storm is off the grid on the left and top then we know that the final circle is going to be in the top left of the map and so on. Again we want this to be a quick in game decision we make.


Fortnite Final Fight First Circle Guess Third Circle

Our quick in game guess for where the 3rd circle would be after we saw the 1st circle.

This was one of the first games we played after we figured out the logic and as you can see our guess was the line of B2 and B3. Luckily or unluckily we were in Dusty Divot. It was nice in terms of travel time because there are only 5 blocks. This is about a 4 minute run. It was unlucky because we have a lot of populated areas heading in with us. Being in Anarchy Acres, Risky Reels, or even Wailing Woods would have been better because then you only have to worry about enemies to our south instead of enemies all around us.

Fortnite Final Fight 2nd Circle

Should we have changed our guess when we saw the 2nd circle?

We find ourselves in the 2nd circle before the storm starts to move in. This is where you want to be. The problem we ran into was that we got a little full of ourselves because this is one of the first games where we knew where the 3rd storm would be so we thought we were better than everyone and instead of moving to the final circle we got in a long gun fight with a solo player that caused us all to die int he storm. It was a good learning less. The goal is to get to the final circle for the Final Fight not to get kills along the way. Quick kills and move on or just move on.

Our first predition on Fortnite Friday Final Fight 3rd Circle

How close was our prediction our first time out?

It turns out we were slightly off in our prediction but not by much. We’ve been able to get slightly better where maybe 50% of the time our marks are in the final circle but again it isn’t about getting the exact spot of the 3rd circle. The goal here is to make sure you are moving in the right direction the entire game so you don’t find yourself in a position where you have to run half way across the map.


I’m sure you’ve figured out what Leave is all about by now. Once you see that first storm you’re going to have to get a move on. You can limit how far you have to leave by landing in different parts of the map. If you start your journey in the middle of the map by landing in Tilted Towers, Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, or Salty Springs you will find that on average you have to move about 5 squares to get to the 3rd circle. Keep in mind that each square takes about 45 seconds if you go straight and about 60 seconds if you have to go on a diagonal. That means, in best case, you’re looking at about a 4 minute run.

If you land on the edges of the map at places like Moisty Mire, Lucky Landing, Flush Factory, Snoby Shores, Junk Junction, Risky Reels, or Wailing Woods then you could have a trip that takes 7 or 8 squares which could take you 8 or more minutes. I hope you have a jump pad!


I know this will help you enjoy playing Fortnite’s Final Fight LTM so hopefully you share the information with your friends. I find the mode considerably less stressful I’m winning 80% of my games in Final Fight mode now. I still get excited when I get my mark right in the middle of the circle but it’s not my objective at all. I just do a quick eyeball and get moving. Once you have that mark down and you keep moving towards it you will find that most of your teammates will follow.