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Ann Smith (ask8647) 0 best answers


I am a recruiter. I work with the management team to fill open positions for technical employees and all other employees across the board. One of the main keys to the success of this is a PC with the correct disk drives and the correct software in it. MY PC IS BELIEVED TO BE HACKED, (files copies & email forwarded), AND RE-ROUTED via possibly a number of means such as, wireless devices, remote control, networking / shared devices, the incorrect SOFTWARE and/or DRIVERS & ensure that there is NO MALWARE, SPYWARE, etc.? I have RESUMES / CONTACT INFO. / PHONE NUMBERS on my PC – gained through recruiting. Plus great number phone NUMBERS / PERSONAL CONTACT INFO. gain from doing MISSIONARY WORK For the reasons above, I AM SEEKING ADVICE / ASSISTANT in identifying and correcting these issues. QUESTION: How do I check to ensure that I have the correct DRIVERS, SOFTWARE, INTERNET CONNECTIONS, etc? Kind regards, AS