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I recieved my first computer about 4 years ago, a Compaq presario. I've never had a computer class so everything I know is from trial and error and asking some total newbie quetions. I was introduced to MMORPGs about 3 years ago and upgraded to a Compaq EVO D500 DT. I am a World of warcraft addict now, trying to upgrade so I can play when Cataclysm hits Dec. 7. I do all my upgrades myself and I have very little money so I'm always looking for great deals or free stuff. I live in a dead zone so the only highspeed internet providers are DSL and they're all outrageously expensive and not much better than my dial-up, so I'm still using dial-up. I download at a rate of 2kbps so anything bigger than 50 MB i hit the county library. I enjoy learning about computers so feel free to give me tips.