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What is compiling? 

by on January 31, 2013

Q: What is compiling, what it exactly mean, tell in simple understandable words


How come WordPress is saying it cannot find jquery 1.6.3? 

by on January 31, 2013

Q: This error just appeared on my wordpress site:
Not Found

The server can not find the requested page:

www.wpstats.org/jquery-1.6.3.min.js (port 80)

The wordpress theme is Epsilon.

I assume the themes jquery is no longer working.

Does anyone know where I can remove this error?


How do you connect a tree view node to a database record in Visual Studio 2010? 

by on November 6, 2012

Q: In Visual Studio 2010 – how to connect a tree view node to a database record (Microsoft Access or similar)?
I want to open a record in the database when I select a node in the tree.


What is the best way to keep a mailing address updated? 

by on August 8, 2012

Q: I’m database admin for a mailing list of 25000 – 30000 names. What is the best way or process to keep my list updated with correct addresses and zips? Also is there an online service to check for a person’s change of address?


Where can I find example code for phplot? 

by on July 10, 2012

Q: I need help, am new at phplot and need to read blood pressure from a csv file for use in phplot line graph. Since I know very little about this need, sample code would be apprechiated


How do I make this tumblr theme wider? 

by on June 28, 2012

Q: How do I make this tumblr theme wider?

here’s the html: http://pastebin.com/CCJyVjPA
and blog if you need it: http://frogn.tumblr.com/


What is the most useful math for a programmer to know? 

by on June 23, 2012

Q: People say that you need math in order to program computers. Wanting to go into the programming business, I am wondering:
Which branch of math is most useful to the beginning programmer to learn?


How can I convert my site to run on Linux using a SQL server from .net? 

by on May 30, 2012

Q: I currently have a windows site its basically a database it uses asp.net 4.0 and Microsoft report viewer but i want it to be re designed to work on Linux servers and run on sql

when completed i need every page encrypted
when transferring the data must be encrypted
must look the same as it dose now
Must use sql server
never save any info on owners pc
must run on linux server
must be able to make hourly backups of the server and database.


Is there something wrong with my CSS or with my computer? 

by on May 29, 2012

Q: Problems with CSS or is it my computer?

Cause I have edited this project initially using another computer and the CSS worked fine. Then I transferred the file to another computer and it got messed up. Same OS, Win7.

Apparently, base on “View Page Source”, the CSS file was captured successfully. On IIS, .css is inherited too but that’s not how my pages look like.

I use CI with Smarty so here’s how my files were arranged.


JS files, unlike images and the CSS, is still working despite being on the same location with CSS which is on the themes folder outside application.

I have spent like 5 hours figuring this out. So.. I hope you guys could help me. Seriously


How do I enable JIT debugging and configure my computer? 

by on May 8, 2012

Q: How do I enable JIT debugging and configure my computer?