What are the requirements for being a tech professional? 

by on July 6, 2010

Q: Big tech Global question .. feel free to “get crazy on this question” — by that I mean if you want to write a 2 million word essay, then that is fine as long as you are giving me good info in the process.

I am seriously thinking of changing my profession. I know that the tech field is booming and the jobs there (many of them) have a nice yearly pay attached to them.

I am a total know nothing, newbie to the tech field. Think of me as a man from the 1920s who has just awoken to our crazy high tech world year 2010.

1. How difficult is it to “be proficient” in the tech field ? Tech field is way too broad, I am looking at possible web design, software engineering, information tech, or database administrator .. I am sure that each of these has a ton of info — feel free to write away.

2. How proficient at math do you have to be? I am OK at math .. do not know how I would do in some difficult college math courses b/c I have never taken them. I have a BA in Political Science.

2B. Must you be exceptional at math in order to enter the tech field ?? explain.

3. I am terribly intimidated by all the acronyms and the systems etc.. How complex is this stuff? Let me put it this way — Is it a case where once you get into “the tech field” all this crazy stuff isnt all that complicated ?? Or is it a case where even those who are into the field many times get confused themselves ??

Complete the sentence.. The software engineering field or database admin / systems analysts / field etc.. is NOT too complex b/c ….

Complete this sentence. The tech field is really an elitist type of field, unless you are a mini genius who has a degree from MIT you might as well forget it b/c …


How do I update a div using ajax? 

by on May 5, 2010

Q: In the <head> of my HTML file, I have included 3 JavaScript files:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/cufon/cufon-yui.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/cufon/cufon-config.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/cufon/Effloresce_400-Effloresce_700.font.js”></script>

I’m working with ajax: not a complete page refresh, only a refresh of a <div> content.

When the refresh happens, I need the js files to change my font! The js should be in here too:

this.menu = function() {
var divID = “scroll”;
if (typeof(arguments[0])!=’undefined’)
divID = arguments[0];

var pAjax = new Ajax();
pHTTPRequest = pAjax.Init();
pHTTPRequest.onreadystatechange=function() {
if (pHTTPRequest.readyState==1) {
//document.getElementById(divID).innerHTML = “Aan het laden”;
if (pHTTPRequest.readyState==4) {
document.getElementById(divID).innerHTML = pHTTPRequest.responseText;

var strParams = “type=menu&menu_id=”+arguments[1]+”&link=”+arguments[2];
pHTTPRequest.open(‘POST’, ‘/include/ajax.php’, true);
pHTTPRequest.setRequestHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’);
pHTTPRequest.setRequestHeader(‘Connection’, ‘close’);


But how?!


Is there a fail safe way to protect images on web sites? 

by on April 13, 2010

Q: Is there a fail safe way to protect images on web sites?


How do I build a website that allows users to build their own pages? 

by on April 12, 2010

Q: I want to build a web site where I can have new users (guests, clients) register (or sign up) and generate their own profile with user pages inside that they can alter and manipulate. A little like this web site when you sign up, then log in, also similar to Facebook…. do you follow what im after?

It’s the basics of how to set it up, I think I can work it out after that, I’m just struggling to find much of use online, I could be searching something COMPLETELY wrong.

any help, suggestions advise will be welcomed!


How do I write a shell script in DOS to display a message? 

by on April 7, 2010

Q: How do I write a shell script in DOS to display a message?


How come when I open up a combiled C program in notepad I see a lot of nulls? 

by on April 4, 2010

Q: I opened up a compiled C program in notepad and noticed that there are an insane amount of nulls. Why is that?


Is there a way to make a link in a web page blink? 

by on April 4, 2010

Q: As much as this goes against my every web design instinct, my boss wants to make one of the links on the site I created for her blink. I created the site through Photoshop, and uploaded it via Dreamweaver. So, all the pieces of the site are in slices. I’m not sure how to make the slices “blink” without making the whole site look like a broken puzzle?


What database should we move to from Access? 

by on March 8, 2010

Q: Our company receives professional data from thousands of individuals. We currently store this data in an Access 2007 database. We’re looking at hosting package options for the best way to present this data in user-friendly reports, etc. Two questions here.

1) should we be using Access 2007 or MS SQL or some other option for the purposes listed above?

2) Do you have any recommendations for hosting packages? We’re on a smaller budget right now and we need something to start out with that has at least 10GB storage.


How do I make a function that will randomly select a function from a list? 

by on March 5, 2010

Q: I am trying to make a function with a while loop that does a random function from a list. How do I do that?


How do I make table data not wrap? 

by on March 5, 2010

Q: I’m using tables in Expressions Web to build web pages. How do I “lock” their positions so that no wrapping occurs when I restore down my browser and reduce its size?