How To Ask A Question Free

This page answers some basic questions related to asking a question on from why you need an account to how to make sure you give the geeks all the information they need to get you a quick answer.

Q: Why do I need an account to ask a question?

A: Our geeks need a way to get in touch with you to make sure they understand your question. The only way to do this is by email. When you create an account we verify the email is good so that our geeks do not spend time looking into questions for people they cannot contact.

Q: What information should I provide?

A: You should provide as much information as possible while being as detailed and to the point as possible. See the questions below to see what specific information you might want to provide for certain types of questions.

Q: What information should I provide for a computer question?

A: If you are asking a computer question you should provide the operating system you are using (e.g. Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Mac OS X).

Q: What information should I provide for a software question?

A: If you are asking a software question you should include the name of the software, version number, and any other information you can provide like the maker of the software.

Q: What information should I provide for a consumer electronics question?

A: If you are asking a consumer electronics question please include the manufacturer of the item along with the model number. (e.g Apple iPod 3rd Generation)

Q: What information should I provide if I am getting an error?

A: If you are asking a question about an error you should make sure you provide the required information for a software or consumer electronic question, depending on what software or device is throwing the error. Then from there you should include the exact error message you received word for word. If the error message is gone do your best to remember what it was but remember that the less accurate your memory is the harder it will be for us to get you an answer.

4 Responses to “How To Ask A Question Free”

    how long before a question asked is ‘posted’ on the website?
    I cannot find my -question- that I asked this morning.


      It really depends on the time of day. During normal business hours questions are usually put on the site within an hour. All questions are, as of this response, reviewed to make sure they are easy to understand, have all the information needed to get an answer, and to make sure they are not spam.

      Your question is now live on our site so you should be expecting answers soon.


    OK being a newbie here,Does the answers to my question show up via email and should I reask my question once reg. ?


      You will receive comments to your question via email but you will need to come back to the site to reply to those comments if they are questions for more information.

      The system saves your questions and once you register they will be submitted. The process is you type up your question and then you create your account. You then confirm your account and your questions are entered into the system to be reviewed and approved. Then our geeks will do their best to answer your question.

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