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How do I flash a custom rom on my HTC Inspire running Gingerbread? 

by on April 8, 2013

Q: Hi my HTC inspire is running ginger bread 2.3.5 , I have unlocked the boot loader and have root actcess. My question here is how to root s-off so I can flash a custom rom? I tryed flashing via the unlocked bootloader guide but when I go to recovery and go to install Rom from ad nothing is there but “clockworkmod/”. All of the tools to do these things seem out dated and no one has made a new fresh guide in awhile, can any one please help me with my out I have been working on this nonstop for the past 3days. P.s. if some one could explain shadow childs advanced guide in noon terms that would be awesome


Should I go with a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Windows 8 phone? 

by on April 1, 2013

Q: many of my friends has the new Samsung Galaxy S3.
What are some of the good things about the Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Windows 8 Phone,


How can I make my Samsung Galaxy 3 run better? 

by on March 30, 2013

Q: does anyone happen to that own a Samsung Galaxy 3. I have been asked by a friend if I happen to know of any useful tips things that will make it work better.


What is locmgrprovider and why does it use 20% of my battery? 

by on March 29, 2013

Q: hi lg android
– what is locmgrprovider just discovered it uses 15-20% of my battery.
thank you


Should I go with the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 4? 

by on March 27, 2013

Q: Want to buy a great smartphone (Without contract) for a good price (don’t we all?).
Always the newest ones are overpriced.
Want one that is not going to be obsolete in a couple of months.

I’m in between the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4.
S3 camera-mermory-interfase extras- faster download*
N4 ppi-2G Ram

Personally I find the S3 better but I don’t know if the lower Ram will represent an issue to support new features and updates and will feel like I am carrying a rock in a couple of months (I like to exaggerate).

I will thankfully take your advice 🙂


How come my android device cannot keep the correct time when offline? 

by on March 25, 2013

Q: android clock widget. my phone only has wifi and is offline most of the time. i have turned off automatic network clock update. the tiny time at the top of the screen is ok but i find any clock widget lets me down at some time or another. even the alarm clock lost track of time. help how can i get simple clock and alarm function offline on advanced new lg quad core phone? !! thank you


How do I copy contact information to a new contact? 

by on March 20, 2013

Q: in android, how do i copy contact details to a new entry. example more than one doctor at same address and phone number, i want to add the new without keying in all the details again. in my old “stupidphone” i could copy contact and then edit the duplicate. thanks


What is a good flash player for an Android tablet? 

by on March 14, 2013

Q: what is a good flash player for my android tablet?


Can I download silver light for my android tablet? 

by on March 14, 2013

Q: can I download silver light for my android tablet?


How many GB do I really need on an android tablet? 

by on March 13, 2013

Q: How many GB do I really need on an android tablet?