AOL OpenRide Or 9.0 Security Edition And AOL Suite 

by on December 21, 2006

Q: I want to download the new free AOL software, but what one would I download, the security one or the new OpenRide one. I have wireless, and wanted to know if they are any good.

A: According to the FAQ on AOL’s Website:

What is the Difference Between AOL OpenRide and the previously released AOL software, 9.0 Security Edition and AOL® Suite?With AOL OpenRide software, all your internet applications – email, address book, instant messaging, Web browsing, search, and media player, are combined in one integrated program, and displayed with a 4-pane user interface that keeps them all in front of you for easy access. AOL OpenRide also does not require the user to sign in to AOL before browsing the web or playing media. With AOL 9.0 Security Edition and earlier versions, all of your online functions are combined into a single integrated product, but the user interface allows them to be layered on the screen. AOL 9.0 and earlier versions also required the user to sign in to the AOL® service before using the software.Like AOL Suite, AOL OpenRide is a set of integrated internet applications, and includes some of the new application features that were included in AOL Suite. However, with AOL OpenRide, the integrated applications are organized in a quad pane design that keeps them all within easy reach on your screen.

Basically OpenRide is a revamp of the interface. If you really want to use AOL software I would recommend going with the latest version which is OpenRide.