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How do I transfer all my data from my iPhone 4 to my iPhone 5? 

by on April 30, 2013

Q: i want to transfer all my data from an iphone4 to an iphone5 if this is possible how do i do this


Will connecting my iPhone to my computer after reinstalling the operating system delete all the music off my phone? 

by on March 27, 2013

Q: So my computer deleted everything and so I’m having to reinstall everything, including my itunes. Even though I won’t have all of my songs on my computer, if I plug in my phone, will everything get deleted off of it?


What kind of printer do I need to print from my iPhone? 

by on August 16, 2012

Q: What kind of printer do I need, to print from my iphone?


What is the best way to transfer a 1.5GB video to a friend that has an iPhone? 

by on August 16, 2012

Q: I’m trying to get a 1.5 GB video to a friend. My friend only has an iPhone though, no computer. Facebook has failed me and so has Yahoo. All the large file transfer sites I’ve been to need a computer to download a file. How can I get my video to their iPhone? They’re an ocean away.


How can I get the messages on my iPhone 3 backed up on my computer? 

by on July 22, 2012

Q: HI, Ive got an iphone 3 and its starting to get old now and slow. I want to transfer thousands of messages that are on that phone onto my computer before it breaks (as i have lots of sentimental messages on there.)
I wondered if there is any affordable software or download i could get to do this. Ive tried downloading some but none worked. I’m only 18 so it needs to be quite cheap 🙂 thankyou x


How do I know if I should get an iPhone or Lucid? 

by on July 17, 2012

Q: I know nothing about smart phone and trying to decide between iphone and lucid – everyone tells me to get the iphone – but verizon tells me to get the lucid – please help – thank you


How can I rotate a movie clip taken on an iPhone and downloaded to a PC? 

by on July 11, 2012

Q: How can I rotate a movie clip taken on an iPhone and downloaded to a PC?


What is the MMS file size limit on an iPhone 4S with AT&T? 

by on January 22, 2012

Q: What is the MMS file size limit on an iPhone 4S with AT&T?


How do I figure out hte password for my wireless network so I can get my new iPhone connected? 

by on December 28, 2011

Q: My new iphone says to selct a wireless network but i don’t have the password. What do I do?


Can an email I sent from my iPhone be tracked back to me? 

by on December 12, 2011

Q: I sent an anonymous email to a friend’s girlfriend from a fake email account that has no personal information about me or anything like that. It was a non threatening email but contained information i feel this girl had a right to know but was not my place to tell.
Hes now trying to get his computer genius friend to track it and I’m wondering if it could be linked back to me if i sent the email from my iPhone. Any help or explanation would be great!