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Why do I get warnings from Avast after installing Xvid-setup? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: hi there, i think i just install an application called “Xvid-setup” and when i run it, my avast program block it as malware, i just pause my avast protection and let the set up running, after all the set up complete, i continue the avast again, but my avast use to show up an information about a file in C:\\Users\\COMPAQ\\AppData\\Local\\Temp with the file name as “saiEEF0”, can you help me out??? must i delete this thing? or where should i find the root of this problem???


Why does a Trend Micro page launch each time I start my computer after installing Avast? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: I downloaded the free version of Avast Antivirus and now a Trend Micro page launches Internet Explorer.

What can I do to stop IE from launching automatically. I am scanning now with an antimalware program, but nothing has shown up.


How come Avast does not work anymore after restoring my computer? 

by on August 13, 2010

Q: I have used Avast Internet Security for 2 years always fully protected. After computer crash I had to reload all software and after reloading Avast, Firefox and IE don’t work but Enigma will. Avast support says only solution is to enter a 400 contract for them to scan computer every 3 mo. No other software finds any errors, Trojans or malware, but they find thousands of error refs in logs. Any idea? The type of log error shown is when a command doesn’t have permis to exe.


How do I remove Norton so I can install Avast? 

by on May 14, 2010

Q: I just bought a new computer and I want to try avast but I need to get rid of Norton. I am not computer savvy. How do I delete it?


What other protection will I need for my computer if I buy Avast? 

by on March 4, 2010

Q: I was thinking of not renewing Norton on my PC and going with avast 5. A friend told me I would also need to download an anti-malware, firewall and sandbox. If so, what software works best with Avast?


Not all free antivirus programs are created equal 

by on September 16, 2009

Q: Why am I having problems installing a free antivirus program on my computer?

A: The first thing we have to point out is that not all free antivirus programs are actually antivirus programs. Some are very bad pieces of software that will infect your system and cause you to have to reinstall everything to get things cleaned. Our current recommendations for free antivirus software is currently limited to Avast and AVG.There might be a few more out there that are good but we highly suggest you do a lot of research before installing any programs on your computer be it antivirus programs or even toolbars. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will installing Ad-Ware and Avast keep my system secure? 

by on March 30, 2009

Q: My old computer crashed so bought a new one. As a project I decide to try to fix the old one my self. I bought a scrubber and cleaned the system, reinstalled Windows XP and it works fine. I want to install Ad-Aware Free & Advast Free. Is this a good choice? Do I need Both? Is there other security I should install?


Installing Norton Antivirus 2007 And Webroot Software On Multiple Computers 

by on December 21, 2007

Q: I have Norton Antivirus 2007 and Webroot Spy Sweeper 2007 installed on my home desktop computer, which uses Windows XP. I recently purchased a Dell XPS laptop for use while I am on assignment away from home. Can I use my Norton and Webroot software that I have on my home computer on my new laptop? Or do I have to purchase new software?

A: I can definitely answer your question. But first let me advise you that there is a superior alternative to Norton Antivirus. It is called Avast! Antivirus. I encourage you to take a look. Moving now to your question, the legal use of a computer program is governed by something known as a EULA (End User License Agreement). Each program has its own EULA. Sometimes, it is legal to use the same program on multiple computers. Other times, it is not.

For home and home office users, there are two different versions of Norton Antivirus 2007. There is the kind that can only be installed and used on one computer at any given time. Click here for an example of the single-user version. Then there is the kind that allows you to install the software on as many as three different computers. Click this to view the multi-user version. If your copy of Norton Antivirus 2007 was included with your desktop, chances are almost 100% that it is the single-user version. If you downloaded the program instead of purchasing it on CD, contact Symantec (the company that makes Norton software). As you can see from the previous two links, there is a large number 3 on the box of the multi-user version, while no such number appears on the single-user version.

The EULA for Webroot software is more obvious. Webroot provides a customer support article entitles Installing Webroot products on multiple computers. According to the information contained on that webpage, no purchasable Webroot software may be installed on more than one computer at any given time. In other words, you will need to purchase an additional software license for your Spy Sweeper software.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux-based computers are currently immune to computer viruses, etc. You may wish to consider switching to one of those operating systems the next time you are in the market for a new computer.

Hopefully you have found this answer to be informative and helpful.