How come I cannot backup iTunes on the same disc I used 6 months ago to back it up? 

by on December 29, 2010

Q: I backed up my itunes library about 6 months ago. I want to update my backup and itunes will not let me. Here’s what happens. I go to library and then click back up to disc then the little circle is on back up all itunes library, and then I check off only back up added or changed etc. Soo I then insert the disc that I used six months ago. It then says to insert a blank disc. Do I have to get a brand new disc everytime I want to update my backup? The disc is not full or anything, I just want to update after six months. PLEASE HELP! 🙂


Is there anyway to backup the text messages on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: The internet on my mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini) doesn’t work anymore, probably due to an error in the software. I went to the shop where I bought it and the shopassistant couldn’t fix it. Now, he’d like to reset my phone completely, but before he does that, I’d like to make a backup of all my files and textmessages. The backup of the files is no problem, but I can’t find a way to backup my texts without having to use the internet on the phone. Can you help me out?


How do I restore the data from my Windows XP computer to my Vista computer via Norton 360? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: I have two laptops, Toshiba Satellites one XP the other Vista. The XP broke down and the screen is black, HD is OK. I used Norton 360 for back up. I have Norton 360 in both computers. How do I restore the data from my XP to my Vista computer via Norton 360?

I went to Vista computer and run back up, but it only backs up from its own data, not from XP computer. I have the same ID and password for both, I thought everything is backed up somewhere for both computers under my ID and password. I don’t know what to do.


Why didn’t my emails get restored when I did a restore from Norton 360 backup? 

by on November 16, 2010

Q: I have Windows Vista, which has Windows Mail on it. I ran a back-up on my computer using Norton 360 on Monday of last week, like I do every Monday. On Wednesday, my computer crashed & I had to reload the original factory settings on my computer. I restored all of my files from the Norton 360 back-up, and everything is fine except none of my emails are coming back up. Shouldn’t all of emails that went to Windows Mail have been backed up in the back-up I performed? I sure hope I didn’t lose all of these because they are all important work emails.


How do I access my Norton 360 backup if my email address is now invalid? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: I have used Norton 360 for the past 12 months and have just renewed by detailing a new product code. I then signed into an account using a new email address as the one I used when I installed last year is no longer valid. On my new subscription, nothing is backed up. What happens to the backed up files from my old subscription? Can I still see them or have they been deleted? If I can still see them, how do I get into the account when the email address is invalid?


How come I always get errors when using Windows 7 backup application? 

by on September 10, 2010

Q: Just wondering if any one can help with my backup problem. I am currently backing up my internal drives to a WD 1TB USB External Hard Drive. I am using window’s 7’s backup application. After about an hour or so the backup stops. I get an error message saying that the backup did not complete successfully. I then have the option to try again.

After I apply this the backup seems to continue from where it left off. The problem is this backup is taking forever and I always need to be at the computer to restart the backup when this error occurs. I would like it to just continue backing up without me having to restart. Any help appreciated thanks.


How can I back up my iTunes account without using a flashdrive? 

by on July 11, 2010

Q: How can I back up my iTunes account without using a flashdrive?


Backup text messages on an Android based phone 

by on May 10, 2010

Q: Can I backup my text messages from my Android based phone?

A: You can get a free app in the marketplace called SMS Backup by Christoph Studer that will allow you to backup your text messages to a gmail account. If you do not want to backup to a gmail account then you can find other apps that will let you backup your Android based phone to other media.


Is there anyway to backup my text message conversation on my Motorola Backflip? 

by on April 29, 2010

Q: I want this text message conversation off my phone but stored on my computer somehow. I have a Motorola Backflip from AT&T and I have a rather lengthy conversation that I can’t figure out how to extract from the phone. My options from the conversation window seem to be only to attach a file to send to the person I’m having the conversation with, or to delete the conversation. Is there anyway to backup my text message conversation?


How come my Microsoft Office 2007 backup disc says I have to install Office to use it? 

by on April 27, 2010

Q: I made a back-up disk of my Microsoft Office 2007 or at least I thought I did. When I put the disk in it shows all the right things but when I try to open them it says the application needs to be installed to open. How do I fix this?