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What characteristics do DVD and Blu-ray drives share? 

by on June 17, 2013

Q: what characteristics do DVD and BD drives share?


Why does the youtube player on my blu-ray always buffer but on my laptop it does not? 

by on May 15, 2013

Q: I have a blue ray (Dynex) that i use to stream Youtube videos to my LG flat screen it always constantly is buffering when i use the blue ray however, when i use you-tube on my laptop it does not. Do u have a solution to my problem?


Can I connect my blu-ray player to my computer? 

by on January 30, 2013

Q: I have a Philips blu ray player ( DivX Plus HD, USB2.0 Media Link BDP2900/F7) and I would like to connect the blu ray player to my Vaio VPCEH30EB to watch them on my computer. Can I do that? WIth an HDMI or USB cable or via Wi-fi??


How come I get a message saying my BD-Rom is not working even after updating the driver? 

by on August 14, 2012

Q: Tune Up Utilities says my BD-Rom device is not working properly. Then I try to update my device. It says updated. But there is an “!” mark next to it on device manager. I don’t know what to do. Help!

hp BD ROM BC-5501H


How come my blu-ray player and xbox 360 drop sound for a second every minute or so? 

by on December 28, 2011

Q: I’m getting a1-2 second drop in audio from my Phillips blu- ray and Xbox 360 which is connected to a Sony bravia via HDMI this happens every couple of minutes iv tried different HDMI leads but the problem is still there. I’ve tried a different TV, Samsung sync master and have the same problem. I’ve tried using a scart and rca leads and the problem goes away but you don’t get the same picture quality. any ideas what the problem could be and how to solve it?


Will a WiFi blu-ray player send 3D to a smart TV wirelessly or is the HDMI cable still needed? 

by on September 4, 2011

Q: Will a WiFi blu-ray player send 3D to a smart TV wirelessly or is the HDMI cable still needed?


What is a Blu-Ray disc player? 

by on June 9, 2011

Q: what is blu-ray disc player


If I download a blu ray movie onto a flash drive can I play it on a blu ray player? 

by on February 5, 2011

Q: If I get a blu ray player and download a blu ray movie and then put it on my flash drive and play it through my blu ray player will it play it like a blu ray DVD?

My TV is a Sony BRAVIA 40″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV** (KDL40EX500). Just wondering cause I can’t seem to get a clear answer on this.


Is there anyway to get Alfa wireless working with a Vizio blu-ray player? 

by on December 28, 2010

Q: I just got a Vizio blu-ray with apps player that connects to the internet via ethernet, as a present. I do not have a modem and have been getting the internet wireless with the help of an Alfa wireless network adapter to my laptop. The Vizio has a usb port and I tried plugging the alfa adapter into it but it didn’t recognize any network. My question is, is there a way to get wireless internet to my vizio player and its ethernet cable? If there is a way, is there a better way and a more cost effective way. I realize I should have just gotten the wireless version, but this was a present and I want them to see it works for me.


What is the best BluRay player with WiFi for streaming Internet videos? 

by on December 3, 2010

Q: I’m looking for a Blu Ray DVD player for the wifi streaming capabilities of internet content alone. I don’t have a high def or 3-D TV. But I do want the best, streaming technology I can find. What should I be looking for?