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What is the best software to identify and remove duplicate files from my computer? 

by on March 29, 2013

Q: cleaning duplicates xp. there are many programmes promising to identify and clean duplicate files. which are the smartest ie not looking only by file name. does any app know where best to delete from? can i get most of this free?


What is the best way to clean all the data off my computer before giving it away? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: I have a sony vaio VNG-A690 laptop. I want to completely take all info off the computer and give it away. How is the easiest way to do this?


How can I fix a low disk warning? 

by on November 11, 2010

Q: I have an HP Laptop running Windows Vista. I am getting a low disk warning on my D drive listed as HP_Recovery. It shows 6.52 GB used and 11.7 MB available. When I do a disk clean up it only shows my recycle bin and that is all. It does not show any other files. How can I free up some space or fix this issue?


How do I free up space on my hard drive? 

by on November 6, 2010

Q: I would like to strip my Dell Inspiron notebook, circa 2000, to the bare bones on the MS Windows XP operating system so I can run an old DOS-based accounting program that runs off C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\COMMAND.COM

At the root there are some files that I think are relative to this operating environment for this product:

My problem is:
Over the years the Windows updates have consumed most of the paltry 10MB of space on the hard drive. The accounting program runs beautifully in a window of Windows XP as it exits to DOS to run, and then returns to the Windows environment. It shipped with its own *.PIF files as the DOS version of the software was supported in the early years of the MS-Windows environment until the accounting software was released in Windows versions.

The issue is, I would like to free as much space from the Windows operating system, and the HD in general as the little notebook will be sitting in the corner of my desk with one purpose in life, that is to run the DOS-based GL and print to my HP Laserjet 5. Is that asking too much đŸ™‚

Any tips on how to clear space on the HD and leave a version of MS-Windows XP functional?


Which drive on my computer do I have to backup and clean to make my computer run faster? 

by on August 2, 2010

Q: I’m embarrassed to be asking this as I used to work in IT but here it is…! I have an Acer laptop (running Vista) with 2 large drives (about 100GB each) which are both almost full. This means programs aren’t running as swiftly as when the drives where clean. So I want to start backing up to an external drive but I’m wondering if I only need to clean out the main C drive where my system is installed? Will this drive alone be the one to manage/reduce in order to regain the nice speedy responses I once had? Or does an almost-full D drive also affect performance?

Hope someone can advise, I’m just realizing how rusty my knowledge of this stuff is now!


Is it safe to simply follow the on screen dialog boxes for registry cleaners? 

by on June 4, 2009

Q: I recently downloaded some freeware programs (RegCure, RegistryFix7, CCleaner) to help bring my Presario V5105US current. Is it safe to simply follow the on screen dialog boxes? There are some menu choices that look sort of ominous, like everything that’s listed will disappear. Some of those listed items look significant.

Do I just trust the program to not damage my system, files etc.? Are there any precaution that I should be aware of? Same sort of question about drivers. The free one that seems most respected did a free scan that showed a lot of outdated drivers. Do I just have to hit the button to replace them?

Do I have to pay for them or is the “freeware” free for updates as well as the free system scan. Sorry, but I’m still a newbie. w/too many uncertainties. I guess some of these freeware programs are more reliable & trustworthy than others. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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Is there one program that can fix and clean your PC? 

by on May 15, 2009

Q: Is there one program that can fix and clean your PC? I run reg.cure and ccleaner but I have other problems come up and am wondering if I should run something else.


Is it safe to remove my overland folder? 

by on March 23, 2009

Q: I have Windows XP and an HP Photosmart 8150 printer. In my c:\program files I found a folder called “overland” with a lot of other data when clicked yet nothing opens. Is it safe to remove all?


My security software can’t delete malware from my computer! 

by on February 2, 2009

Q: Neither Spyware Doctor nor McAfee VirusScan Plus can get rid of the malware that has infected my Windows XP computer. How can I get rid of this virus?

A: As you may have read here on Ask A Geek, the most effective way to remove malware and other security threats is to reformat your computer’s hard drive. This is especially true when all attempts to remove the malware have failed. I understand that reinstalling Microsoft Windows and all of your programs seems extreme. But even in cases where you have successfully deleted a security threat from your computer, the damage caused by that threat may remain. Here’s how you should proceed: Read the rest of this entry »

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How to clean a dirty trackpad 

by on January 28, 2009

Q: The cursor on my Dell Inspiron laptop is very erratic. I tried changing mouse settings such as speed and sensitivity, but that didn’t help! Can you diagnose the problem and give me a solution?

A: It sounds to me like your trackpad is dirty. Even if you wash your hands before touching your computer, your hands still transfer lots of oils, dead skin cells, and other contaminants to the surface of your trackpad. The sensors in your trackpad are probably mistaking these contaminants for commands from your fingers.

The first step for cleaning your trackpad is to shutdown your computer; this prevents the cursor from clicking on things in your computer as you clean. Then use a damp paper towel to clean your trackpad. Next, use a dry paper towel to absorb as much of the remaining moisture as possible from the trackpad. Even after using a dry paper towel, some moisture will remain on your trackpad. Since moisture is a kind of contaminant, you must wait about 5 minutes for the remaining wetness to evaporate. Read the rest of this entry »

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