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How do you fix a Window codec? 

by on September 10, 2010

Q: How do you fix a Window codec?


Where can I get a program codec free? 

by on September 10, 2010

Q: Where can I get a program codec free?


What codec do I need to play Palm Treo videos on my computer? 

by on May 6, 2010

Q: I have a Palm Treo 800w and am having problems uploading videos to my CPU (Windows Vista). There seems to be a “codec” problem. What codec do I need to download to fix this?


How come I get a codec error when I try to play movies on the Internet? 

by on June 18, 2009

Q: I cannot get movies to pay from the Internet The program says I need a codec pack. I did it and it still does not work. I am running Windows Vista Premium. I use to not have this problem a month ago. I have tried everything and did a lot of research and I am getting no where. Can anyone please help me?


Windows Essencials (sic) Media Codecs Update Service on Startup With Spelling Mistakes 

by on February 8, 2009

Q: A couple of weeks ago, I had something odd pop up on my screen at re-start. A dialog box that reads: “Windows Essencials (sic) Media Codecs Update Service” then proceeds to list a laundry list of codecs with misspellings such as “AVI Splitrer”. When “X” off the box, it pops up “Are you sure?” Have I got something nasty that is going to get nastier if someone inadvertently clicks to install when I don’t happen to be in front of it (read: wife, child)?

A: It looks like someone downloaded and installed Windows Essentials Codec Pack on your computer. Read the rest of this entry »

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